Zita Chriszto

Allied – Clinical Psychologist In Dubai

Life can be challenging and sometimes we find ourselves struggling to cope with personal problems that affect our well-being. These problems can range from stress and anxiety to relationship problems, self-doubt and even trauma. At times, it can be difficult to find a way out of these challenges and we can feel out of control. This is when a psychologist might come to our aid. A psychodynamic psychologist can help you to gain insight into the background of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, develop coping strategies and work towards your personal aims. Seeking the help of a psychologist can be a crucial step towards taking control of life and achieving mental and emotional well-being.


About me

As a Clinical Psychologist (DHA licensed) I have more than four years of experience in treating adult clients. My priority has always been to create a trusting and caring atmosphere with my clients. My broad method-specific background enables me to provide each client with a personalised therapy tailored to their individual needs. My analytically oriented psychodynamic approach and my expertise in exploring transgenerational patterns lead to profound and lasting results in client’s lives.


Prior to my relocation to the UAE, as an Allied Clinical Psychologist in Dubai, I was blessed with the privilege of living, studying and working in different countries in Europe (Hungary, Finland, Switzerland and Germany), which gave me the opportunity to explore many different clinical approaches and culture-related lifestyles. As a committed, lifelong learner, I am passionate about pursuing any opportunity to further my professional skills and personality and to overcome the stigma of mental health problems.


My approach

I use a variety of therapeutic methods to meet each patient’s individual and unique needs, including Katathym Imaginative Therapy (KIP), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), regression and dissociation therapy techniques, Ericksonian hypnosis and brief therapy, OH association cards, The Psychology of Grief: Helping the bereaved, and EMOTH: the emotional map of home. Using these methods, we work along the subconscious processes. A crucial part of my work is the use of symbols and the psychodynamic interpretation of subconscious contents from the perspective of the individual and his/her ancestors. Working with transgenerational heritage tends to answer many unresolved questions; for this reason I prefer to create and work with the genogram of my clients.


Usually, the frequency of my sessions with clients varies between 1-3 times per week based on the nature and seriousness of the issue they are facing, and it may change over the course of the treatment. For my adult patients I can provide support in the following cases:


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