Jennifer von Baudissin

Allied – Psychotherapist

(Psychodynamic Psychotherapist – UK Council for Psychotherapy)

At some point in our lives we will be faced with issues and problems which will have an effect on us whether it is self-esteem, confidence and/or depression and anxiety. This could be due to recent life events, such as grief due to a loss of someone or job insecurity, and sometimes these may arise from the accumulation of feelings and problems that have occurred throughout our life. For example a painful situation in the present may have its roots in the past, although we may not be aware of the connection. The past and early relationships are used to make sense of current presenting problems. Once these links are uncovered, we can begin to experience greater freedom of thought and action, leading to an improved sense of self and change from within.

Psychotherapy or counselling can provide an opportunity to talk about difficulties and issues in a safe and contained environment with a therapist who is non-judgmental, empathic and experienced in the field of mental health.

I provide one-to-one psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy, in both English and French, for adults and some adolescents struggling with a wide range of problems, including:

I typically see a patient once to three times a week depending on the nature of the issue.

Following from my Bachelors in Psychology I completed a five-year professional training program at WPF Therapy ( in London in 2006. WPF Therapy is recognised as one of the leading counselling and psychotherapy training organisations in the UK. This professional training is accredited by the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC,, the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP, and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP, All psychodynamic psychotherapists from WPF Therapy undergo a long and intense personal therapy. Both FPC and UKCP require their members to have regular supervision and seek continuing personal development.

I am a member of the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy,

In the last year, I have joined the CPJA Race and Culture Committee of UKCP where I complement the Executive Team.

I also contribute in promoting mental health awareness in Nigeria and West Africa through education, supervision and mentoring.

Finally, I am also a well-being supervisor for an Employee Assistance Program in the UK.

See the LinkedIn profile for further information on qualifications and experience.

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