Psychological Issues & Treatment

Psychological Issues

Anger is an emotional response to someone who you feel has deliberately wronged you. It is a normal human emotion which is usually healthy. However, it can easily spiral out of control and damage you and your loved ones. People who struggle to manage their anger often suffer from problems at work and problems with their personal relationships. It is often accompanied by verbal aggression and is also associated with physical aggression.

Assertiveness is essential for functioning in the personal and work environment. Lack of assertiveness can lead to your rights being trampled on by others and can leave you with a deep sense of unfairness. At the other end of the spectrum, aggression can lead to you obtaining your rights but at great cost to others. In the long run this is unhelpful too. Assertiveness is about achieving that balance between your rights and the rights of others and can lead to harmonious relationships.

Self-confidence is the belief in your own ability to succeed. Over-confidence can come across as arrogance and can lead to risky behaviour. Too little confidence can lead to you to be too careful and to miss out on opportunities. It can also lead to difficult decision making. Research shows that confidence is a very important component of success. Loss of self-confidence can lead to depression and apathy.

Self-esteem describes how a person looks at their own self-worth. It is about how we value ourselves. Self-esteem is important for our general well-being, happiness and establishing healthy relationships. Low self-esteem can stem from childhood and can lead to problems such as fear, anxiety, people pleasing, anger, hating yourself and your body and obsession with being perfect. This can affect every aspect of your life, including work and personal relationships.

Effective treatment and help is available for all of these issues. This can take the form of various psychotherapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Psychiatrists may also be able to help in certain situations.

A-Z Issues


ADHD is a condition, often with onset in childhood, which can present for the first time in adults.


Anxiety is a very common reaction to stress. In its mildest form it is excessive worrying.

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Psychological Issues

Anger is an emotional response to someone who you feel has deliberately wronged you.

Relationship & Marital Issues

Psychotherapy and Counselling is the treatment of choice. Our experienced professionals will assess


Normal levels of stress can help and motivate to be productive and efficient. Excessive stress


Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience which would be experienced as such