Systemic Family Therapy

What is Systemic Family Therapy?

When family members are faced with difficulties communicating with each other, it can affect happiness and wellbeing. Sometimes the communication difficulties can be caused by a health problem affecting a family member. Adjusting to the changes can prove difficult and sometimes, without realising, a member can be easily either scapegoated or relieved from any responsibilities, which tends to affect the family equilibrium.


Systemic Family therapy is a therapy approach aimed at working on the family unit as a whole and not just the individuals. Systemic therapy views problems of the individual in the context of which they live in along with the larger socio-economic context. We are now delighted to offer this innovative service to a unique standard in Middle East.

Who provides the systemic family therapy?

Dr Jose Belda is an experienced Family Therapist who gained his qualification at the prestigious Surrey University in the UK. He is culturally sensitive and adjusts his style to suit the needs of each family regardless of their ethnic or sociocultural background. The families he has worked with, from all over the world, always feedback  that he makes them feel supported and understood.”

How long is the consultation?

All consultations are 90 minutes long

How does systemic family therapy work?

The therapist will meet with the family as a whole, and each member separately or in different groups (parents, siblings). The focus is to resolve psychological difficulties through utilising the strengths of the relationship between members of a family unit and to resolve and interpersonal dynamic issues by allowing the family to safely explore and express thoughts and emotions and understand and appreciate the needs and experiences of the others.

Who can benefit from systemic family therapy?

Any family undergoing situation/s that is affecting the relationships, and the dynamic between family members and the family unit as a whole stands to benefit from systemic family therapy. It can be useful for new or crisis situations, or long-standing problems. Some issues that could be worked through family therapy include:


  • Chronic or Acute health problems
  • Mental Health conditions
  • Substance use issues
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Adoption and Foster Care
  • Adjusting to new family unit set up such as stepchildren/siblings, stepparents, co-parenting
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Loss and bereavement

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