Olivia Rosa Izzo

Social Counsellor

About Me

I am a Psychotherapist (MSc) from the UK who specialises in child and adolescent mental health, creative therapies and neurodiversity. I work with children, adolescents and suitable adults. I use a combination of approaches to therapies, working closely and collaboratively with each individual, to tailor my approach to their specific emotional needs.


I am a strong mental health advocate for children, teenagers and those on the spectrum and I understand the challenges that they and their families may face. Starting Psychotherapy can be a daunting process, my aim is to offer a nonjudgemental space for us to work together and to help ease any emotional needs or difficulties and help understand the underlying issues.


Autism and ADHD

Due to being the sole Psychotherapist at an Autism, ADHD and additional needs school, I have a wealth of experience working with children and young people on the spectrum.


I have worked with both verbal and non-verbal children and young adults, aged from 5 through to 20 years old. When working with a neurodiverse population, my focus is on combining talking and creative therapies to help explore the best possible way to communicate and express their emotions. When working with creative therapies I tend to use art, play, music and movement modalities.


School related issues I can help with:

  • School refusal and issues relating to attending school.
  • Bullying.
  • Lack of friends at school and issues with other children.
  • Conflicts between teenage girls’ peer groups.
  • Challenging behaviour at school and disciplinary issues in school.
  • Excessive social media usage in children.


My experience 

I have worked within the NHS (UK), alongside CAMHS (Child and adolescent services in the UK) private practice and as the sole Psychotherapist for an Autism and additional needs school in the UK.


During my career, I have been invited to speak about my practice and research in psychotherapy.


I was part of a panel discussion led by experts in the mental health field to introduce Roman Kemps BBC documentary ‘Our Silent Emergency’. I outlined the importance of having conversations with children and young people around mental health and how creative therapies can help children explore their emotions.


I was also chosen to be a Lead Mental Health Mentor for Everton Football clubs’ ‘in the community project’, where I worked with children and young people aged 6 to 16 years who were experiencing, or at risk of developing, mental illness.


Shortly after, I was invited to host creative therapy workshops at Tate Liverpool, which is a National gallery for British art. Here, I provided creative therapeutic activities to help support children and their families.


I am qualified in Inner child work which can be used through talking or creative therapies. My MSc research proposal was chosen to be presented at the APCCA conference where I discussed my research on exploring the Inner Child through art therapies. This type of therapeutic work is typically done with adults and can help people process difficult emotions related to childhood and adolescence and can help boost self-esteem and self-acceptance.


Currently I am working as a Social Counsellor in Dubai at The Psychiatry & Therapy Centre.

Areas of Expertise:


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