Dr. Masa Al-kurdi

Allied – Clinical Psychologist In Dubai

I have been working in the field of mental health for 14 years, with a focus on helping people get the most culturally and socially suitable support they need to holistically improve their wellbeing, overcome their problems and build resilience.  I believe the most successful of therapy experiences is one where the individual learns the best ways to cope with current and future adversities.


I am a chartered psychologist, British educated with bachelors, masters and PhD degrees in psychology, and I have undertaken specialist training in various therapeutic techniques. Additionally, I am an Allied clinical Psychologist in Dubai, leveraging my extensive education and expertise to provide comprehensive mental health support. I am also specialised in mental health response in the Arab world, and speak both English and Arabic fluently.  In the last ten years I have been working to provide complex psychological support to conflict and war-devastated communities in the Arab region and refugees across the world. 


My approach to therapy is rooted in both EMDR techniques as well as CBT-focused techniques, providing support to clients in individual and group settings for a variety of problems including:

I am a published author and currently working on writing my next book about mental health response in the Arab world.  I am a trainer in CBT-focused techniques and provide capacity building to mental health and psychosocial teams across the world. 


I aspire to be a compassionate and effective psychologist, committed to providing the best support to individuals from different cultures with an open-minded and flexible mindset. As an Allied Clinical Psychologist in Dubai, I bring this dedication to culturally sensitive care to a diverse community, ensuring that each individual receives personalised and empathetic treatment.


I hold the following qualifications from the United Kingdom:

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