Ulrika Bladh

Allied – Psychotherapist in Dubai

As an Allied Psychotherapist in Dubai, I understand that there are moments when life can feel overwhelming, or when you may not recognise yourself anymore. We all feel that from time to time but when those feelings or emotions don’t go away, you might need external help from a professional. Talking to a therapist about your concerns may sometimes be easier than turning to friends and/or family.


There are many ways to describe psychotherapy. Treating different diagnosis and mental illness is part of it but for me it is also about taking care of different crisis situations that we experience and even more importantly, to be able to reach an in- depth understanding of yourself and realise how to move forward. Working on a better awareness of your internal and external relationships, with yourself and others, helps you to find ways to handle challenging situations in your daily life.


Therapy implicates the starting point of new processes to evolve within yourself and allows you to reflect on patterns, belief systems, emotions and different behaviours. Great consideration is taken of an existential, cultural and spiritual approach but there is also room for laughter and humour every now and then.


Being in therapy involves a close emotional and supportive alliance with your therapist and together you explore and trace patterns to find possible explanations to the way you feel and the way you experience the world. The lengths of the therapy depends on our agreement at the start of therapy, some people might need only a few sessions and others a longer period of time. It all depends on your needs and what you want to achieve.

When to seek psychotherapy:

My background

I am an Allied Psychotherapist in Dubai where I offer psychotherapy and counselling. I use the psychodynamic framework as my base and offer therapy to adolescent and adult clients, individually, for couples or in groups. Throughout my professional career, l’ve met people who suffered from crisis, loss and / or grief and early on I saw the positive effects people would get from therapy.


My Bachelor of Nursing was followed by five years of theoretical and practical studies in psychodynamic psychotherapy at Ersta Skondal BrScke University in Sweden to become a licensed psychotherapist.


Furthermore, I am a EFT (Emotional Focused Therapy) couples therapist working with clients to understand negative patterns and to create a more emotionally responsive and connected relationship.


I offer psychotherapy in English, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.


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