Chaanan Kaur

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About Me

Hey there! I’m Chaanan Kaur, a Counselling Psychologist in Dubai who has grown up in the UAE but is from India and has studied in different corners of the world therefore identifying with the term “third culture kid”. I hold an MSc. in Health, Social, and Organisational Psychology from Utrecht University, and I also have a BSc. in Psychology with Management from Heriot Watt University.


I am a trained EMDR practitioner and a certified clinical services provider for ADHD.


In my career so far, I have had the privilege of working in different settings, including telehealth and outpatient clinics, where I have encountered and supported a culturally diverse population. This exposure has enriched my understanding of the complexities and unique challenges that my clients may face.


I believe in the power of integrative therapy which takes into account various therapeutic techniques to meet the unique needs of each individual. A significant aspect of my practice is adopting a trauma-informed lens, which means I am sensitive to the potential impact past traumatic experiences have on my clients’ lives and mental well-being.


My areas of expertise and focus in therapy encompass a wide range of issues that people commonly encounter. These include gender discrimination, identity, and sexuality, as well as navigating life transitions, marital and family difficulties, and reclaiming cultural roots. I am adept at helping individuals address relationship challenges, manage anxiety and stress, cope with loss and bereavement, and work through past trauma.


Apart from traditional therapeutic approaches, I am well-versed in positive psychology interventions and solution-focused brief therapy. These evidence-based techniques are particularly useful when working with corporate employees, assisting them in enhancing their well-being and resilience in the workplace.

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