Lisa Naomi De Ruiter

Psychology Assistant and Clinic Operations


About Me

The importance of the field is underlined by its ability to empower individuals in society. Being of Dutch origin yet internationally brought up, I consider myself to be an open-minded individual who has valuable perspectives and contributions to offer in the field of psychology and patient care. I strive to understand the complexities of human cognitions and behaviours, with a continuing growth of curiosity about how the mind functions.

Currently, I am pursuing my MSc programme, which serves as a valuable stepping stone to my aspirations of further training in Psychology subsequent to completion.

My ambitions for the future are grounded in traditional and clinical evidence-based therapeutic modalities, in combination with an ongoing interest in more holistic/unconventional therapies, such as Animal-assisted Therapy, Art Therapy, Virtual Reality (VR) and others.

I am surrounded by clinical experts who closely mentor me for future practice and clinical training. I support ongoing groups, workshops, assessments, and other clinical matters.

Education and Credentials: