Gordon Shaw

Allied – Psychologist


The potential for growth lies within all of us, we sometimes just need to time to discover our hidden capabilities. Therapy is a place where a variety of issues can be discussed. Gordon’s work focuses on adolescents and adults. His integrative approach to psychotherapy endeavours to make psychotherapeutic sessions accessible to all his clients across age groups. Gordon believes that at different stages and points in everyone’s lives, we all need someone who we can trust with the most vulnerable parts of ourselves, and it is for this reason that he offers his clients various forms of psychotherapy, short-term (solution-focused) therapy, intensives and long-term (talk) therapy.


My Approach 

Gordon’s psychotherapeutic style offers you a safe and containing environment in which you can explore your thoughts, feelings, maladaptive behavioural patterns, and ways of relating with others. Through this process, he will provide you with the necessary support and comfort that you need to work through your unresolved issues and the discomfort that addressing these issues brings. By developing your awareness and insight, you will be able to understand yourself better and translate this understanding towards making positive changes in your life.


As a Counselling Psychologist, Gordon’s practice involves assessing, diagnosing, and intervening with people who are dealing with life challenges, developmental issues, and adjustment problems, in order to optimise and enhance their psychological well-being and functioning.

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