Conflict & Crisis Intervention for Clinicians: A talk


Monday, 30th October 2023 


09:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Open To

All Clinicians

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one-off event


Date: Monday, 30th October 2023

Time: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Title: Conflict & Crisis Intervention for Clinicians: A talk

Fee: Free Of Charge

Open to: All Clinicians

Location: Online, via Zoom

Status: Open for Registration


Conflict & Crisis Intervention for Clinicians: A talk

The current situation in Palestine and the ongoing challenges faced by the global community has impacted us all directly and indirectly. As mental health clinicians we play a pivotal role in helping people, locally and globally, throughout the conflict to navigate their mental wellbeing. And as clinicians people look to us for strength and understanding, to provide support and solutions to deal with trauma, distress, and grief. We too, as fellow humans, are trying to navigate our own feelings and muster the strength to help ourselves while figuring out ways to support our clients, colleagues, and the extended global community. For some clinicians this is the first time they are dealing with distress in war and conflict settings, for others this conflict triggers their own personal experiences of war and conflict (past and current) and intergenerational trauma; and ultimately, we are all trying to be the best clinicians we can be for others.


I want to hold a space for clinicians where I can share my experience as a clinician working in this sector and provide the space for clinicians
to ask questions and hold discussions about:


• Dealing with feelings of helplessness and what we can do.
• Being triggered as clinicians when supporting others.
• Best ways to clinically support those affected directly and indirectly in the conflict.

Facilitated By:

Dr. Masa Al-kurdi

Allied – Clinical Psychologist

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