What Is Child Psychology And Why Is It Important?

what is child psychology?


Child Psychology is the psychology of children and adolescents under the age of 18 years. The psychology of a child is very different to that of an adult. Most mental health issues in children arise from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Often these are not under the child’s control. Children are often much more vulnerable than adults. There are many mental health conditions which are similar with adults; depression in children; anxiety in children; OCD in children. Often however psychological distress presents differently (school refusal, bed wetting, mutism etc). There are also developmental disorders which can surface at various times in childhood (ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders etc). The treatment of emotional, mental and behavioural disorders that affect children is often different to adults.     

Why is child psychology important?

Children Psychology and Child Psychologists in Dubai are very important due to the child being in a developmental stage of his/her life. The mind and brain continue to develop and mature throughout childhood and into adulthood. The personality of a child continues to develop till early adulthood.  Environmental stresses, traumas and influences shape a child’s brain and therefore child psychology is critical in shaping a healthy adult.  

How can a child psychologist in Dubai help my child?

A child psychologist in Dubai can help your child through a variety of means. The child psychologist needs to observe and understand a child’s interaction with their parents, the school, the wider world and themselves. The range of treatments offered by a child psychologist in Dubai might include the following:

Does my child need a child psychologist in Dubai or a child psychiatrist in Dubai?

Child psychologists and child psychiatrists work very closely which each other. Initially your healthcare professional or school counsellor may refer your child to a child psychologist. If, however it is felt your child may need medication or if the risks to their mental health are high, then they may refer directly to a child psychiatrist in Dubai. Usually, it is the child psychologist who will let you know if a child psychiatrist in Dubai may help your child.   

Is a child psychologist in Dubai different to an educational psychologist in Dubai?

Yes, they are very different, although they work closely with each other. An educational psychologist in Dubai specifically helps assess and support children with learning issues at school. These issues can include difficulties with reading, writing, listening, maths, focussing and conceptualising. They can also help diagnose conditions such as ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperkinetic Disorder). ADHD is normally diagnosed in childhood but can present in adults as Adult ADHD.

How can I be sure I am getting the right help for my child?

Whatever it is in mental health that your child is suffering with, you need help that is professional and proven. There are many people who offer help in Dubai. There are many who are not trained, not certified and can do much more harm than good. So, whenever you seek help, please make sure the person or clinic is certified by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or the Community Development Authority (CDA). If they are, then you can be certain that they are qualified and trained to help you. Most clinics and professionals should be able to signpost you to the right person or place to get help, be it in their clinic or another one.      

When should I see a child psychiatrist in Dubai?

So, do I need to see a child psychiatrist in Dubai? Psychiatrists are often the most trained and senior mental health professionals. It is often worthwhile to talk to them first to see what type of help your child may need. They may refer you to a child psychologist in Dubai or a child therapist in Dubai. They may see you and your child themselves. Broadly speaking there are two types of treatments that help, Medications and Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy just means “talking therapy”.

How do I find the right child psychologist in Dubai for my child?

There are many child psychologists in Dubai. How do you find the right one? Choosing the right child psychologist in Dubai is essential and will affect the outcome of your child’s treatment. The evidence shows that choosing the right child psychologist in Dubai is as important as the type of treatment itself. Every good quality child psychologist should give you the following experience:

Can you choose your child psychologist in Dubai?

Yes, absolutely! It is worthwhile talking to 2-3 child psychologists in Dubai before you choose. Every good clinic should give you the opportunity to have a free 10-15 minutes’ talk with a child psychologist. Remember, the choice of child psychologist is much more important than the choice of treatment. Interestingly, two child psychologists in Dubai can provide the same type of therapy for your child; one will help your child feel a lot better and the other will not benefit your child.     

How do I find a local psychiatrist?

There are many child psychologists in Dubai. They can be found through recommendation in person or online. The key is to focus on the points above and ensure you select a skilled child psychologist.

How do I get referred to a child psychologist?

You can be referred to a child psychologist through your GP or the school counsellors. However often the best way is to go direct. You don’t need a referral.

What are the top tips for choosing a child psychologist or therapist in Dubai?