How to find the right Psychiatrist for you?

How do I make sense of all the mental health offerings out there?


So, you are struggling. You have lots of stress at work and in your relationship. You have had relationship and marital issues for a long time. You suffer with insomnia, anxiety and feel down and depressed. You know deep down you need help as you can’t get out of this on your own. You have tried everything that normally works for you when you feel like this. You look online and find an endless stream of psychiatrists, psychologists, energy healers, coaches, mindfulness practitioners and well-being services. This confuses you even more and discourages you. The purpose of this post is to help you make sense of what you need and when.

When do I need help?

We all struggle with anxiety, insomnia and low mood from time to time. If it lasts for more than a few days and affects your ability to function, then you may need help. Functioning means being able to work or study attentively, fulfil your duties and obligations to family and friends, and to maintain a lifestyle that is productive and growing.

Who do I get help from?

Some of you may have relationship and marital issues. Others maybe suffering with eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, OCD, ADHD or other Psychiatric issues. Whatever it is in mental health that you are suffering with, you need help that is professional and proven. There are many people who offer help in Dubai. There are many who are not trained, not certified and can do much more harm than good. So, whenever you seek help, please make sure the person or clinic is certified by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or the Community Development Authority (CDA). If they are, then you can be certain that they are qualified and trained to help you. Most clinics and professionals should be able to signpost you to the right person or place to get help, be it in their clinic or another one.      

When should I see a psychiatrist?

So, do I need to see a Psychiatrist in Dubai? Psychiatrists are often the most trained and senior mental health professionals. It is often worthwhile to talk to them first to see what type of help you need. They may refer you to a Psychologist in Dubai or a therapist in Dubai. They may see you themselves. Broadly speaking there are two types of treatments that help. Medications and Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy just means “talking therapy”.

How do you find the right psychiatrist for you?

There are many Psychiatrists in Dubai. How do you find the right one? Choosing the right Psychiatrist in Dubai is essential and will affect the outcome of your treatment. The evidence shows that choosing the right Psychiatrist or Psychologist in Dubai is as important as the type of treatment itself. Every good quality Psychiatrist should give you the following experience:

Can you choose your psychiatrist?

Yes, absolutely! It is worthwhile talking to 2-3 Psychiatrists in Dubai before you choose. Every good clinic should give you the opportunity to have a free 10-15 minutes talk with a Psychiatrist. Remember, the choice of Psychiatrist is much more important than the choice of treatment. Interestingly, two Psychiatrists in Dubai can give you the same medication; one will help you feel a lot better and the other will make you feel worse. The evidence shows that a Psychiatrist in Dubai who explains everything he or she knows to the patient, and then they together make the treatment or medication decision; then the outcomes are the best.   

How do I find a local psychiatrist?

There are many Psychiatrists in Dubai. They can be found through recommendation in person or online. The key is to focus on the points above and ensure you select a good psychiatrist.

How do I get referred to a psychiatrist?

You can be referred to a Psychiatrist through your GP, however often the best way is to go direct. You don’t need a referral.

Why do people need a psychiatrist?

There is a myth that Psychiatrists only prescribe medication. This is simply not true and if indeed a Psychiatrist in Dubai only prescribes medication, then please don’t seek help from them. Psychiatrists are trained to help you with your mental health through a variety of methods, including psychotherapy, lifestyle advice and medications. Psychiatrists can help with the whole range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety disorders, stress, ADHD, ADD, eating disorders, PTSD, Trauma, Insomnia, Psychosis, memory issues and personality disorders.    

What are the top tips for choosing a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Therapist?