Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


OCD is a common condition which is characterised by obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are thoughts or images which come into your mind repeatedly. You are troubled by these thoughts and try, often unsuccessfully, to resists these thoughts by distracting yourself.


Often these thoughts are followed by compulsions or rituals which the sufferer carries out to end the obsessive thoughts. For example you might get unpleasant repetitive intrusive thoughts that you are dirty. To get rid of these thoughts you may wash yourself and have a shower. This activity or ritual can take over your whole day.



Common examples of compulsions include:

Washing your hands
Taking a shower
Cleaning your house
Tidying your belongings

These rituals or compulsions can often consume many hours of your day and lead to physical issues like sore hands.

Treatment requires a careful assessment and diagnosis by a Psychiatrist. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, conducted by a Clinical Psychologist, is essential to treatment. Medication supervised by a Psychiatrist may also be required. Treatment is effective and you can expect a recovery.

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