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Men's Mental Health Awareness Group

What Does It Mean To Be A "Man" In 2024?


Wednesday, 31th January 2024


7:00 pM – 8:30 pM


males (18+)

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fortnightly – every 2 weeks


Date: Wednesday, 31th January 2024

Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Title: Men’s Mental Health Awareness Group: What Does It Mean To Be A Man In 2024?

Fee: Free

Open to: Males,18+

Location: In Our Community Room at The Psychiatry and Therapy Centre, Healthcare City

Status: Registration Closed


Men’s Mental Health Awareness: 

Our dedication lies in dismantling the obstacles to open communication. In a secure and confidential environment, free from scripts or judgment, we facilitate honest dialogues, encourage the sharing of experiences, and nurture a sense of community through meaningful connections. Collaboratively, we delve into practical well-being tools, explore coping mechanisms, and gain an understanding of the available resources for support.

Facilitated By:

Clinician staff member working at TPTC, standing posing for a professional picture.

Dr Asad Sadiq

Consultant Psychiatrist

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