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Sarah El Nabulsi

Post-Partum depression in mothers and fathers, recognizing the symptoms

Three top tips for Happiness

Article in
From a psychological perspective: who sets beauty standards today? Why are some people influenced greatly by beauty trends and undergo plastic surgeries?

MBC Live Interview about Eating Disorders

Article in The National about Body Dysmorphic Disorder

How to Care for the Elderly
An interview with Sarah about how to care for the elderly, their wellbeing and how recognize early signs of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or dementia.

Separation Anxiety in Children
An interview with Nawa3em about Separation Anxiety in Children: Learn to identify the symptoms, and know when to seek help.

How to deliver bad news and avoid trauma
interview with  Al Hurra TV about how to deliver bad news and avoid trauma.

The Role of Couple’s Therapy
interview with about the role of Couple’s Therapy in saving a marriage and daily tips for happy marriage.

Effects of Meditation
interview with Gheir Magazine about The Effects of Different Types of Meditation on the Physiology and the Brain: How to Choose The Right One.

Interview with Radio Lebanon
Sarah speaks about the challenges with emotional eating and explains the relationship of food and this maladaptive eating pattern with the subconscious. She reveals that in her experience willpower plays only a small role in helping people loose weight, just 15% not more and that in fact only a multidisciplinary approach from Psychology, neuroscience, nutritional psychology can really help individuals overcome obesity and eating disorders.


Appetite Retraining and Weight Loss

Interview with Sarah El Nabulsi about Appetite Retraining and Weight Loss programmes by Nawa3em Magazine.

Dissociate Personality Disorder Interview

Interview about the relationship between stress and cortisol with obesity and Eating Disorder. Listen here

Feature on about suicide and reasons behind it.

Lydia Miller

Business Case for Compassion
Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology, Vol 4, No.1 (2018)

Are you Overwhelmed by Clutter?
The Ethicalist, August 2017

How to Tell if Your Expat Friend is a Frenemy
The Ethicalist, August 2017

Happiness Festival Dubai – 17th February 2017

Lydia will be facilitating at the event which will provide the tools and resources that enable you to overcome the barriers keeping you from living life to its fullest.


Jennifer von Baudissin


Article: ‘Quality Over Quantity’
Executive Women Magazine, April 2017

Working Abroad as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
International Speaker at Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC) Conference – 19 November 2016

Article: “Do you have the disease to please?
Friday Magazine, 25 September 2016


Dr Yaseen Aslam


Mental Health in the Arab World
Al Arabiya, 5th May 2017

New Mums and Parenting
Baby & Child, March 2017

Ignorance or Immersion?
British Mums Dubai, September 2016

International conference speaker
Midwifery Conference, March 2016

International conference speaker
DAA Schools Careers Conference, 2016

Anxiety and Dr Google
Gulf News, 22 August 2014

Postnatal depression
Out of the Blues, 25 September 2014

Dubai Eye Radio: Postnatal Depression
Dubai Today, Eye on Health

Parenting & Fatherhood
Aquarius Magazine, 12 June 2016

Managing pressure
Friday Magazine, 23 January 2015

Postnatal depression
The National, 10 April 2016

Motherhood & parenting
Dazzle Magazine, 11 June 2016

The Perfect Mum
Dazzle Magazine, 15 March 2016

Headline News, 30 May 2016

Depression in Men
The National News, 20 November 2016

Training of professionals to recognise depression in mums
Medarabia, March 2016

Child Abuse

Body image
Gulf News, 22 March 2016

Gulf News, 7 February 2016

The National News, 19 June 2016

Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Friday Magazine, 12 September 2014

Nominated for Doctors Choice Awards
Doctors’ Choice Awards

Research article (1)
International Journal of Developmental Disabilities, Volume 58, 12 Nov 2013

Research article (2)
World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review, December 2011

Book Chapter
Covert Administration of Medication, 101 Recipies for Audit in Psychiatry, 2011

Interviewed on Dubai One TV channel on programme Studio One to discuss:
1. Teenage Suicide
2. Infanticide


Dr Asad Sadiq


Food and Mental Health
The National, 20 May 2016

International Conference
HC-UK Conferences, 14 January 2013

Facebook & Depression
Khaleej Times, 1 April 2016

IT & Mental Health Conference Presentation

Connect 2012

Health Informatics Clinical Advisory Team (HICAT)
BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT, Autumn 2010

Work with a patient group in the UK (voluntary)
Bury Involvement Group in Mental Health

Speaking at a conference on patient involvement

“Sort your life out in 20 minutes”
Friday Magazine, 29 July 2016

Delivering excellence in recovery oriented services in mental health
Healthcare Conferences UK, 14 December 2015

Publication (Medline): “Lessons from Psychiatry in the Arab World”
Psychiatria Danubina, 2013

Conference: Confronting Taboos in Mental Health & Islam
Inspirited Minds, 16 January 2016

Raising awareness about Mental Health
Manchester Evening News, 12 January 2013

Article: Burnout
Health Magazine, 12 July 2016

International Medical Summer School (Lecturer)
6th International Medical Summer School, 2014

Article: “Tips for using social media when dealing with depression”
Khaleej Times, 1 April 2016

Publication: “Out of adversity comes strength & wisdom”
NHS North West, Health Informatics Clinical Advisory Team, June 2012

Removing stigma attached to Mental Health
Bury Focus, 19 October 2011

Conference: Patient reported outcome measures

Conference: “People in control”- Cumbria, United Kingdom
CLIC – People in Control Conference, 2014

NHS Healthcare Informatics Conference, London, UK
A HICAT & Health Conferences UK Joint Conference, 3 December 2012

Conference Report: Postnatal Depression across cultures
A HICAT & Health Conferences UK Joint Conference, 3 December 2012

National Mental Health Informatics Annual Conference
National Mental Health Informatics Network Annual Congress, 9 November 2011

In addition to this, Dr Sadiq has appeared on three full-length TV shows as an expert on mental health and many radio broadcasts.


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